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Sustainable. Beautiful. Ethical.

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What is Mayin?

Mayin is a Sanskrit word which means one who has the art & skill of enchantment and just like its meaning Mayin stands for creating a clothing line which is enchanting yet sustainable. Mayin works towards planet-positive, conscious, organic and biodegradable clothing while maintaining a panache vogue.

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Carefully crafted for people that care

Mayin is where you will find quality, green products that try to reduce the impact on our environment and contribute to a better, cleaner world. Browse our clothing list and join our sustainable community.

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Tree Planting

A Tree Planted For Every Product You Buy

We plant trees all over India which helps us improve the local biodiversity and aid various soil and water conversation efforts.
Mayin cares deeply about the health of the Earth, which is why we are proud to sell eco-friendly products. We believe that shopping can be about more than just buying something new and that consumers should always consider sustainability in their choices.

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived this morning. It was very fast and great service. I love the raw organic cotton and the wool! It's beautiful and soft.
Thank you for providing such wonderful and healthy alternatives! -

Ashima Verma

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Organic Clothing In India
Our clothing has always been made exclusively in India, from fabric to finished garment. This way our business supports Indian workers leaves a smaller carbon footprint and guarantees that our products meet strict quality, environmental and labour standards. We are the future organic clothing line in the world!
Best E-commerce website for organic clothing
Mayin focused on effortlessly stylish and versatile designs in high-quality fabrics that feel good next to your skin. We combined functionality with beautiful. We believed women should be able to dress once and go through the day. 
100% Organic Clothing Made in the India
We continue to make high-quality apparel that you can count on, to support the communities where we manufacture, keeping jobs local, and keeping our supply chains simple so we and our customers know where and how our clothes are made.
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